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The intimacy of the voice combined with the emotion of inspiring music can be your most powerful communication tool .

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We've been producing professional, engaging and polished messages for Australian businesses for over 25 years so you can rest assured we'll get your messages on hold spot on!

We'll do all the work

Simply point us to your website and we can write the script

from there. Or you may prefer to write your own, your choice.  Once approved we'll record the voices and mix with music tracks suited to your business.  We'll have your message on hold to you within 48 hours.

What to expect working with us

The most responsive and friendly service you are likely to have had - ever!

Best Value Messages On Hold In Australia

  • OWN your 45 second message onhold 

  • Royalty free music track included

  • 1 Voice only (M or F)

  • Add 1 x 30 second message for $50

  • Add extra voice for $90

  • Add After Hours Message for $50

  • Delivered for upload to your phone system as MP3 or WAV



  • OWN your 1.5 minute message onhold 

  • Royalty free music track included

  • 1 Voice only (M or F)

  • Add 2 x 30 second messages for $89

  • Add extra voice for $90

  • Add After Hours Message for $50

  • Delivered for upload to your phone system as MP3 or WAV



  • OWN your 3 minute message onhold

  • Royalty free music track included

  • 1 Voice (M or F)

  • Add 2 x 30 second messages for $89

  • Add extra voice for $90

  • After Hours Message – Add on $50

  • Delivered for upload to your phone system as MP3 or WAV



Here's what you'll get

NO lock in contracts

Option to own or rent your message

Choice of male/female voices

Script writing assistance 

Instant quotation

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality audio recordings

No obligation FREE Sample Demo

Over 1200 music tracks

On Hold Message Samples

00:00 / 00:34
00:00 / 00:24
00:00 / 00:26
00:00 / 00:41
00:00 / 00:35
00:00 / 00:24

Pay Once - NO Monthly Contracts or Fees!

More than 70% of calls are placed on hold for an average of 60 seconds.

85% of callers prefer on hold messages over silence or the radio.

16% of callers made purchases based on an On Hold Message they`d heard.

Want to leave a lasting impression of your business?

The intimacy of the human voice coupled with the raw emotion of music makes the telephone a powerful method of delivering a compelling on hold message.  It has the ability to engage and inspire in a way that leaves a lasting impression of your business.


Great on hold messages educate and inform your callers about your business, what you do and how you do it.  The most effective marketing messages are the ones your customers can relate to.  Your callers feel as though you understand their problems and challenges, and how to solve them.  When your customers are on hold, you want to make the most of their patience and reassure them that  their call will be answered as quickly as possible.

Now more than ever your business will need to be tough, as competition will be fierce!  On Hold Professionals give business's like yours a new way to stand out, by letting your callers know what makes you special.  How are you trying to do that now? 

Call us today and let's get started.  We would love to help you reinforce your current marketing message and improve your callers overall perception of your brand.

Here's what our customers have to say...

Great Price! Amazing turnaround time! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to invest into phone system recordings. Thanks Again Mark & The Team at OnHold Professionals.

Mitch Wright | Harcourts Jimboomba

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